Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 114

By the way, I had a very nice moon day and day off over the weekend. Kind of nice to have two days in a row like that. I didn't do anything special, but feeling lazy in the mornings is kind of a treat.

Great practice today - well really, tonight. I waited until late afternoon to start because I was busy with a furniture rearranging project. Now I just need to sell my old computer (still sitting under my desk) and I'll be somewhat uncluttered.

Perhaps it was the feeling of a 'new space' around me, but I was very focused in my practice today. Didn't skip anything, even had some great momentum with dropbacks (though I'm still using the wall). And I *sweated*! I'm sure the new space heater contributed to this heat, but I've been using the heater for days without breaking into a sweat like this. Goes to show how much Bandhas and breath have to do with inner heat.

I tried to bind in Marichyasana D and *almost* got it.

I did Sirsasana in the middle of the mat, far from the wall with no incidents. I tried something new this time - no blanket under my head. That's a crutch that I was ready to leave behind and didn't even realise it. I'm more stable without the blanket and it seemed to help a lot.

I hope I can keep this momentum going through the week!

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