Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Day 110

'Fun with backbends.'

Do those words even belong in the same sentence?

I can do dropbacks (there's a photo here). Sort of. I can do dropbacks in a yoga class - as long as someone is supporting me as I go down. I can even do dropbacks unassisted - as long as I'm in the park and dropping back onto a steep incline (like a hill) on soft grass. But I've never managed to even come close to dropping back during my practice at home.

This is such a shame because dropping back is my favourite way to come into Urdhva Danurasana. When I can pull it off, that is.

So I'm happy to report that today, I did three dropbacks. Granted, I dropped back by walking my hands down the wall, but it's a start (and I've never actually been able to pull that off before, so I'm feeling proud of myself). I also practised dropping my feet to the floor from headstand - part of my grand plan to build confidence in that pose (if I can fall out of it gracefully, what is there left to fear?!)

Good practice today, overall. I moved steadily through all the poses, worked very hard. Something clicked this week and everything is flowing very smoothly.


Yogamum said...

I just posted about backbends! I may try walking down the wall. Something weird happens to my back when I push up from the floor, but other forms (Cobra, Danurasana, Utstrasana) are okay.

Kaivalya said...

I know what you mean about pushing up from the floor (I'm okay with Dhanurasana, but I LOATH Ustrasana with every fibre of my being).

The first time I ever dropped back with assistance, I was totally amazed by how *good* the backbend felt. I think that's when I realised that other people are not in agony when they do Urdhva Danurasana. I'm just special that way! ;-)

Walking hands down the wall is kind of freaky the first time you do it, but it gets easier.