Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 99

I love a rainy day practice - soft light filtering in through the windows, candles burning on my altar, enough humidity to work up a good sweat.

Today was all of these. I feel like I've found my groove again and I'm enjoying my practice instead of just enduring it.

Knees felt okay today, but lately I've been feeling some soreness in my elbows, particularly at night. This, of course, could be caused by my medication, since there's a joint involved,

My back was cranky and shoulderstand felt yucky today. Funny how that one is so blissful when it's good and so uncomfortable when it isn't.

Lovely to practice on a clean sticky mat and Mysore rug. Except now my Mysore rug is all wrinkled. I'm thinking of ironing it. Does that make me weird and OCD? Or just slightly loony?! ;-)

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