Saturday, October 13, 2007

Day 95

The crankiness, lethargy and stiffness is no longer a mystery. My Aunt Flo is coming a bit early for her monthly visit - she'll be making her appearance in the next day or so. I should have known.

I took it easy this morning and did the short form, really enjoyed myself. Such a contrast to yesterday!

The only pose that struck me with dread was Marichyasana C - yes, that again. The twist just feels impossible this time of month and I don't think it's just the bloating. On the other hand, Purvottanasana has been feeling so good lately. I think this new enjoyment is due to more open shoulders. And I've been bringing my hands further back as I come into the posture - it's made such a difference.

The weather is getting cooler out, finally. I had the door closed as I practised. I wore a light coat and gloves on my morning walk - the temperature was 4C. It won't be long before I'll be wearing my toque!

The sun is moving deeper into the southern sky and in the past week, it finally started peeking into my apartment in long, slanty beams. I love practising in a sunbeam - it made my heart happy!


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Michelle said...

Sounds wonderful! Glad you had a good practice. I , too, love the cooler weather. Living in Saskatchewan we surely get enough of that.