Monday, October 22, 2007

Day 98

Today, I feel like I was really 'back' (I didn't feel like I was 'all there' during Saturday's practice). I feel at home in my body again - my strength and co-ordination is back. There were a few distracted moments here and there, but I was mostly focused.

Best of all, my half-lotus poses are back, full lotus is back. I did nearly every pose (did pigeon in place of Marichyasana D), sweated up a storm and enjoyed myself. It feels like it's been so long since I enjoyed my practice (In reality, it's probably been about a week). I'm grateful.

I used my day off yesterday to engage in some important Sauca around the apartment: tidying closets and cabinets, general cleaning and scrubbing the floors. After practice today, I soaked and scrubbed my sticky mat and washed my Mysore rug. Both needed it - the Mysore rug particularly (Yuck).

I cleaned up and tidied my altar, added a few new objects to it and meditated for the first time in weeks. I would like to start meditating daily again. I can't believe how easily I've fallen away from that. I'm going to try to get into a routine of meditating before I go to bed each night and establish a ritual around that - light some candles, read something inspiring and really savour the quiet time for myself.

On a sad note, I'm keeping all of the SoCal/San Diego Ashtangis in my thoughts today as the fires continue to encroach on the San Diego area. I lived in there as a child and my heart hurt when I read about the fires in Escondido. Julie has been evacuated and many more probably have as well. Love and blessings to all of you. Hope you and your families remain safe and your homes are spared during this horrible time.

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