Sunday, October 7, 2007

Day 90

I missed my practice on Saturday because I was too busy sleeping. When I came back from teaching my morning class, I was all fired up with energy but within minutes I had crashed. I laid on the couch to rest for awhile and woke up four-and-a-half hours later. So much for Saturday.

So I practised today and it was okay. Not great, just okay. I did a one hour, abbreviated practice (the same short practice I was doing in August, when I worked the contract). I didn't put my heart into it. It was just one of those days.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in Canada. I hope to squeeze my practice in during the morning hours, before I squeeze a tofu loaf, mashed potatoes, squash and many, many desserts into me!


Michelle said...

Tofu loaf? What on earth? Does it taste like turkey? I always make our family dinner but pass on the turkey as well. I take it you are a vegetarian.

Kaivalya said...

Yes, I'm a vegetarian (and maintain a vegan diet at home). The tofu loaf was supposed to taste like turkey, but it didn't. Next year, I'll just buy regular tofu, probably the miso flavour - it's good with mashed potatos!