Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Day 93

This morning, I realised that I might as well face reality: I'm not the slightest bit bendy this week (not that I'm ever very bendy...). In order to benefit from my practice at all this week, I would need to find a different goal. So I chose breath.

As I began my practice, I resolved to focus on my breath and follow my inhalations and exhalations like breadcrumbs in a fairy tale. I challenged myself not to lose track of a single breath.

This was a good practice for me because lately I've been experiencing some anxiety and feeling some tightness in my breathing. Breathing deeply and evenly felt like a relief. Having a one-pointed focus kept my mind from wandering too far. The hour-and-a-half passed quickly.

I didn't work hard. I did the easiest variation of each pose, not trying to go to deep. The only demand I made on myself was to focus on breath.

It was one of the most soothing practices I've had in a while.

Tomorrow is 'my' moon day. Yes, I realise ever other Astangi in the universe took a moon day today, but my Google Calendar told me that the new moon is tomorrow. It actually works out better for me this way.

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