Thursday, July 19, 2012


This is how Princess Fur asks to come up on the chair with me. She pats me gently with her paw - and pleads with her eyes. Could *you* say no to those eyes?

She's fully recovered from the surgery and enjoying the summer: lounging around on all the new dog beds I bought for her, bugging me for walks, and carrying all her toys out to the balcony one by one (every night, I bring them back in and the next morning she starts the process all over again...)

She'll never be able to eat hard food again - she's missing too many molars - so I've continued to soak her food to soften it.

When she grins up at me, her 'doggie smile' is all gums and one lone canine tooth. She looks for all the world like a tiny hockey player (maybe during playoffs, since she has a fuzzy beard).

I'm so grateful that she's feeling better and she's healthy!

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