Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Addiction

I have a small problem...a whole bag of them, actually.

I've become quite addicted to chocolate covered almonds. I can buy them cheap at the supermarket near the studio I teach at. It soooo easy to pop in and buy a small bag. They come in bulk, so one scoop easily becomes two...

There! I've identified the problem!

The solution? Stop buying chocolate covered almonds, obviously. Perhaps I need to replace them with a healthier form of chocolate to satisfy my chocolate craving.

The final step: Accountability. I'm not buying them anymore and if I do, I have to write about it here.

Keep me honest, blogophere!

Thank you :-)

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Loo said...

totally addicted to them myself and did the same thing: stopped buying them. Only way, my friend. Be brave.

Kaivalya said...

@Loo: I'm staying strong! The health food store I go to carries dark chocolate almonds and they were calling my name..."Kai! Kai! Take us home with you! You can sit in a comfy chair, reading a good book all afternoon and we'll keep you company..."

I resisted. It was really hard. Thanks for the commiseration and moral support. I can do this, I can!