Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Favourite Colour

It's 'day lily season' here in Reluctant City. I thought it would be fun to offer a photograph of a day lily to represent my favourite colour, but a half-dozen other people on Instagram had the same idea - orange is popular.

Instead, I decided to capture images of all of the orange stuff I own and create a collage. I didn't have enough room to show everything, but here's a representative sample:

-Mat bag
-Mysore rug
-Princess Fur's toy
-Chakra shoulder bag
-Folding papasan chair
-Yoga strap
-Yoga strap bag
-'Jelly Bell' on my bicycle
-Silk 'pig scarf', a gift from a student

Not pictured: Two orange water bottles, an orange clickable heating pad, two orange yoga mats, an orange 'YogiToes' towel, an orange necklace, a piece of original artwork.

And probably half-a-dozen things that I haven't thought of yet.

I like orange!

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