Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Stranger

During practice yesterday, my main teacher wandered over during one of my poses and made a number of suggestions. Then he offered some specific guidance about the sequencing for a few preparation poses I've been doing. He also suggested some other preps for me to try.

He's been very hands-off lately, so I wasn't sure what brought on this flood of feedback. While assisting me in another pose, he mentioned all of this again - this time offering encouragement, reassuring me that I would see some changes in my practice if I continued the work. Basically, it was a little 'pep talk'.

I finally figured it out: he was giving me homework! It was his last day at Mysore for over a month - he'll be away, travelling and teaching abroad until mid-September.

Since I'll also be travelling at the end of the month, I'm considering expiring my Mysore pass and taking home practice for the rest of the summer. I enjoy the flexibility and ease of home practice. No commute, I can follow my own schedule. The more I roll this idea around in my brain, the more I like it!

Today's photo theme: 'A Stranger'

This one is from the archives. It was taken at the Tate Gallery in London, January 2005.

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