Sunday, January 30, 2011

Warm boots, crunchy numbers and an icy park

I woke early this morning but my LH was in full force, so instead of practising I cleaned out the bottom of my closet.

This is part of my continuing decluttering efforts. Clearing the closet has been a surprisingly emotional task, so I've been moving through it incrementally, shedding items in a trickle instead of a diluge. Seems like every few days, I accumulate a bag to take down to the clothing donation bin. It's finally beginning to come together!

There's an online group dedicated to wearing only 33 items of clothing for 3 months in order to reduce and maximise a wardrobe. I'm intrigued by the concept, though I'm not willing to go that far (and I wonder if it's even possible here in Canada, where layering is a necessity). Really, most of us only wear a tiny fraction of the clothing we own.

I don't tend to hoard clothing for three simple reasons: 1) I hate shopping 2) I have simple tastes which favour comfort 3) My main wardrobe consists of yoga pants and tops. Makes things easy!

I also tend to buy quality and keep stuff around *forever*, often for TOO long. My current winter gear is a great example. My winter coat is 5 years old and up for replacement (very soon! stay tuned!).

My winter boots have been with me since the last century. They're in such horrible shape that this winter, I started wearing another pair of boots, not intended for snow, which are already 6 years old. Enough is enough! On Saturday, I reluctantly treked to the mall and spent two hours trudging from shoe store to shoe store. But I found a wonderful half-price deal. I love my new boots!

The rest of my weekend was spent bogged down in tax preparation. I've made a promise to myself not to fall behind in my accounting this year like I did last. In that spirit, as soon as I finished with 2010, I moved right on to January 2011. Done!

When I completed my data entry tasks, Princess Fur and I took the new boots out for a walk in the park. The natural rink has been flooded for about a week now (I haven't yet been out to skate on it). The neighbourhood winter festival was in full swing as we passed by: Barbeque, neighbours and an obligatory hockey game.

Yoga practice was Restorative today (I finally unrolled my mat just before lunch). I followed the during-menstrual sequence from Bobby Clennell's women's yoga book. Tomorrow, I'm hoping for something a bit more active.

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エスタ said...

Hello, just wanted to stop by and say how much I've been enjoying, is that the right word, finding company in your blog, is perhaps better, now I have shoulder pain from a boarding crash, can't seem to do anything...have taken heart by obseriving your journey back to health. Thanks for sharing. Esther

Boodiba said...

I've got two winter coats. One of them is 16 years old and the other 17!!! They were both about $300 back then, and no one seems to make suede coats that heavy anymore.

I am hobo hear me roar!

Kaivalya said...

Ouch! Non-yoga injuries that limit yoga are particularly frustrating because they seem so random. I twisted my ankle over the summer and still find it annoying in lotus poses. I hope your shoulder feels better soon!

Ha, ha, ha! You have me beat! Though I do have a wonderful sheepskin hat and sheepskin mitts that have been in my life *forever*. I forgo them whenever I travel up to Shala North because I don't want to shock the Vegan Masses, but they're the warmest nn ever!! I think I remember seeing a photo of you in that coat on FB once. You're one stylish hobo!

Kevin said...

I thought about having a clothes purge while Im stuck at home. I tend to wear the same stuff cos it gets washed and then I never seem to put it away, so I just put it back on again!

Arturo said...

Dear Kai
hey, bought some snow boots yesterday because i'm going to snow country in the mountains in two days. a vendor made me buy light jackets to wear one on top of the other, saying that I could vent them if it became hot while walking. but I felt i also needed a really warm jacket over all of it and got a heavy warm jacket. i've never had snow boots before.