Friday, January 7, 2011

Mad Skillz!

Dare I say it? I'm actually getting used to these hot classes. The heat doesn't bother me very much anymore and I'm even making discernable progress in some of the postures!

This morning in the toe balance, I brought my hands together and didn't fall on my tush! I guess this is the part where my Ashtangi audience grunts a collective "Huh?!"

This is Toe Balance:

Since I started, so much of my energy in these classes has been devoted to not passing out. It's a nice surprise to discover that I'm actually developing some Mad Skillz! :-D

I still have good backbending days and bad backbending days (today was a good one) but lately Ustrasana has been my absolute favourite pose - it's the one I look forward to for the entire class. I can't really tell, but I think my back is opening up! I would need to do a State of the Backbend photo to be sure.

Another huge development for me: Once I'm comfortably settled into Ustrasana, I'm able to breath deeply, pulling in huge lungfuls of air. It's the most blissful feeling! I almost can't describe it; I genuinely enjoy hanging out in this backbend. I could stay longer than the time we're allotted.

Walnut was teaching today. She has a motherly air and is very encouraging. As we finished Standing Bow, she asked me my name. I got all flustered because I was so busy trying to be invisible. My name came out of my mouth like a child's hesitant peep. She complimented me on my standing bow, even though I had fallen out of it about a kazillion times and my form was sloppy. Maybe she was appreciating the fact that I kept trying?

I received some feedback today on the Kapalabhati pranayama at the end of the class. Walnut pointed out that the exhalation is through the mouth, not the nose. I truly didn't know and no one else had pointed it out to me. Doing it this way felt awkward, as I've always exhaled through the nose for Pranayama.

And's Princess Fur Friday: cuddles on the bed. She enjoys the blankets and the body heat in the cold season. I enjoy the comfort of her presence during my grumpy season.

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