Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jumping the queue

Yesterday, there was a lingering delay on the subway line. Already running late, I despairingly watched train after train come and go, packed to the gills with commuters.

When the third one was about to leave the station, I succumed to desperation and stepped up to the door and pleaded: "Please, everyone. Squeeze in and make room for just one more. I'm a yoga teacher and if I don't make this train, 20 people are going to miss their yoga class!!"

There was a pause, then a shuffle of bodies. A voice called out "Let her in!" and I felt like Moses parting the Red Sea! I was packed in next to the door like a sardine, but I was on my way.

As the train sped west, the woman wedged to my right quietly said "I would just DIE if I didn't have my weekly yoga class!" I wondered if her voice was the one that rallied the troops to make space earlier.

And I kinda felt like a super hero! :-)

I'm about to mull over some Lady's Health Issues now and, taking a page from Skippety's book, I've decided to issue a warning to the squeamish.

-----WARNING: I am about to talk about my uterus!------

Most of you know that I have a very conflicted feelings about the pharmaceutical industry. In general, I try to never take drugs of any kind. The top shelf of my kitchen cabinet is packed with natural remedies...and a single over-the-counter pain medication.

Some of you may also have an inkling that my Lady's Holiday is a miserable time for me. I'm in agony for at least 24 hours. If this 24 hours coincides with a busy teaching day, it makes for some interesting classes. Cristina (an Anusara teacher) has observed that she teaches some of her best classes when she's feeling under the weather. I concur; I become incredibly focused, my instruction is crystal clear.

But there are those very 'special moments' when I have to put an entire class of 25 people into Balasana and excuse myself to the washroom so I can double over in pain and weep.

This month, I tried a little experiement with a drug commonly used to treat menstrual discomfort. I'm not going to name it here, because I'm not in the business of promoting the drug industry, but if you're really curious, email me.

Per instructions, I started taking it as soon as I knew my LH was on its way and stayed on a specified dosage through my 'holiday'. And it worked! It was AWESOME!

The first day, I felt some mild discomfort which was eased immediately with a mild pain medication. And then, NOTHING! I didn't feel a thing! It was like a miracle, which is why I'm sharing it here. I can't believe this stuff existed all this time. I had NO IDEA.

I'm still leery of putting chemicals in my body, but I'm happy to continue with this one because of the positive effect it has had on my quality of life. I almost seems 'to good to be true'. I hope it works next month!

-----Okey dokey, I'm done talking about my uterus!------

I did my full practice this morning and it was fine. I had some slight shoulder discomfort but *only* after I got a little bit of The Stupid and tried jumping back and forward a few times. Oopsies!

Each time I've practised since my month break, I've struggled with Bhujapidasana, but not today! Today, it's like someone flipped on the 'Bhujapidasana Switch' in my brain. I effortlessly dipped down and placed my chin on the floor. Even as I was doing it, I couldn't believe I was doing it!

The thing I notice most about my practice these days is that I'm content with it. I enjoy it. I don't stress out too much over it and when I'm not practising, I don't think very much about it.

It's a fine state of affairs and I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

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sereneflavor said...

I love a good subway story. That's a very good one.

About pain: Any kind. If you know it's coming, be prepared to defend and protect in advance with the best you've got.

Micqui said...

I wish they'd come up with something to take aware my monthly episode of body dismorphia which comes along with my LH.. :o(

Anonymous said...

There are also a few natural ways to go with LH agony :) I have always felt that there is no reason to endure that pain as there are many others in our life we have to endure including heartbreak.

Nobel said...

I love your subway story. Kind of reminds me of that scene in Spiderman 2 where everybody on the train protected Spiderman/Peter Parker when Doc Ock was coming for him. Spiderman is my favorite superhero :-)

Yes, I distrust Big Pharma too.

D said...

What a sweet way to muscle your way onto a packed subway, well done :)

So glad you've found LH pain relief, I can't believe you've gone without any all these years! I pop pain relievers practically every month so that I don't have to be bent over in agony for 48 consecutive hours :p Have you tried evening primrose oil supplements? Taking them helps to dissipate the pain too, for some reason.

susananda said...

I'm glad you're content with your practice, also enjoying your frequent posts even if I don't comment all the time.

If a drug improves your quality of life that much, take it. I'm lucky I've never had to cope with that issue (but hey, there's always menopause around the corner, so who knows!).

I definitely teach some of my best classes when I'm feeling pissed off or depressed and really don't want to be there. I think I just up my game right from the beginning out of fear of failing them..