Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 342

Last month around this time, I was struck with some strangely intense lower back pain. I practised (sporadically) through it. I had just started to get back on the daily-home-practice wagon and feared that I had overdone it in some of my forward bends. The pain felt similar to lower back spasms, though it was more concentrated in the sacrum. But now, the pain is back and I know it has nothing to do with those forward bends.

(Disclaimer: My male readers may find this TMI, so proceed at your own risk)

Last month, I experienced an extended period of Premenstrual Syndrome - not the moodiness, but soreness in my chest, some bloating and, as it turns out, lower back pain. The symptoms were so acute that I was *certain* that my Lady's Holiday was on the horizon, but no, it came right on schedule. It made for a very unpleasant two-and-a-half weeks. Because it had never happened before, I decided it was a fluke.

Apparently, it wasn't. All of the above symptoms have made a reappearance, approximately 13 days before my Lady's is scheduled to arrive.

This pain is really affecting my practice. More than a quarter of the poses in the series are now downright uncomfortable and even painful. I'm wondering if any other female ashtangis have experienced this?

The back pain, along with my continuing cold/flu/whatever-it-is makes my practice really unpleasant. Yet I soldier on... Today, I did the full primary in the morning, about an hour after waking. It felt good to get it done early in the day.


alfia said...

Oooh, sounds awful. Maybe seeing a doctor is a good idea? Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya! My pms sometimes appear a week before during and after my period. And then on the following month, no PMS at all! So on months that my PMS decide to act up on me...I have only like 2 weeks of good practice...that being said I guess thats the reason why yoga was practiced by only men in the beginning...