Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 340

I'm moving into the homestretch now, 25 days until I reach my goal of '365 days of the Primary Series'. Since I'm so close, I thought it would be nice if I was actually *doing* the full Primary Series. I've been building strength gradually and adding poses incrementally. Today, I fired up my Sharath CD and did the whole burrito.

And it was actually GREAT! I was ready. I'm certainly not up to the same level I was in June, but I'm doing every pose (or a modified variation). And, best of all, I'm doing all of the vinyasa in between, so I'm truly building my strength and stamina. Practice and all is coming.

I'm on Day 7 of my self-imposed 'yoga streak'. I find it's so much easier to practice when I'm not giving myself any other option. Practice is just something I do, every day without fail, so I plan for it and expect it. I can't say with any honesty that I look forward to it, but I've been doing this long enough to know that this comes and goes. For now, I'll keep rolling along...

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Yogamum said...

Wow, you are soooo close!

I hear the "streak" is the way to go -- never have been very successful at it myself, but I applaud you!