Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 343

I broke my 14-day yoga streak yesterday with the Moon Day. I had to do it - I swear there was never a better-timed Moon Day. I was at the doctor's office all morning and teaching all afternoon and evening. After all of that, I really needed a break.

I've officially been sick for three weeks. The doctor needed little convincing to prescribe an antibiotic. The diagnosis - brace yourself - sinitis AND bronchitis AND laryngitis. The prescription was stupidly expensive because I'm antibiotic-resistant. The surprising thing is, I'm already feeling better. The pressure in my sinuses is gone, I'm not as congested or coughing as much.

I didn't do a full practice today because of time constraints. I had a bunch of errands to run AND I started Part II of the Shruti Box Class! Yes, there's a part two!!! I'm so excited. I'm just loving these classes. I have three more to look forward to after this one and I'm totally blissed out about it. If she offered a 'Shruti III', I'd totally sign up. I'm hooked.


Anonymous said...

So cool that you are playing the shruti! I play harmonium. They are both addictive in my mind :)

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better after THAT kind of diagnosis!

Happy Saturday

Krista said...

I'm there in spirit with you all, playing the shruti!