Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 336

I practised in the morning today, after my long walk and before lunch. I had a good practice! This is probably the most energetic I've felt in a week. The weather is fantastic out - sunny skies and crisp, yet pleasant temperatures. For a brief moment, I thought about moving my yoga mat into the park, but it's not *that* warm out.

Lately, I've been leaving my iPod at home for these long walks and using the time to do some deep thinking about my life and habits. It actually pains me to write about this, but over the past few months, I've fallen into some really unhealthy habits in terms of diet and exercise. And I've gained some weight. I'm full of excuses about why this happened, but here's my big one:

Some of you may remember that in early September, I was very ill and briefly in hospital. Ironically, I lost a lot of weight during that illness. Unremarkably, I gained it back as I recovered - and then some. I was too weak to exercise. I had trouble digesting anything but the most bland, starchy foods. I got in the habit of eating those foods and continued eating them far longer than I should have.

Also, I've discovered that it's more difficult to follow a healthy diet when you're sharing meals with someone else. When I started dating, I let my diet slide. It was just too much fun going out for brunch and eating fruit-and-cream-cheese-stuffed french toast and yummy desserts.

But the fun had to end eventually. I'm getting my strength back and I can digest raw vegetables perfectly fine. It's time to climb back up on that wagon I fell off of two months ago.

1) One small sugary snack per day
2) Long walk with the dog every day
3) Yoga EVERY day (yes, even Moon Days and Saturdays - I need to get back in a routine)
4) Log all my meals in my nutrition planner, daily

*waves as the wagon pulls away, with me onboard*

Let's see how it goes...

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