Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 244

Some changes are afoot in my life. Good changes and new possibilities...I'm smiling, but distracted. ;-)

Practice today was very good, but stiff and scattered. My brain liked being on the mat, but my body wasn't playing nicely. My hamstrings actually seized up in Baddha Konasana. How is that even possible?!! I took a rough stab at doing the closing sequence but didn't do headstand. I felt all light and ephemeral today, like I might float out the window. Instead, I sat on the futon while the rain fell outside.

Cold and damp today. Please Spring, come back!

Buses, trains and trams are back, thanks to emergency legislation passed yesterday in our provinicial legislature. This video pretty well explains the whole fracas ;-)


Michelle said...

Good luck with your new possibilities. Very exciting!

alfia said...

My favorite pose to seize up in is Setu Bandhasana. I do it every time without fail. And I know that my K/Na/Mg levels are OK, thanks to the Cron-o-meter. What is up with that, anyway?
I hope Spring comes to your place soon too. It is absolutely amazing now in DC. Love Spring so much.