Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 227

Remember the Karma Pod? Well, it's been three months since I turned it in to the main police station. For all of my dramatic efforts with phoning Apple and trying to locate the owner, no one has claimed it. I phoned last week and the officer in charge cleared me to pick it up. The Property Centre is clear out in the west end of the city. After a long subway ride and a long bus ride, I located the squat, unremarkable little building where dodgy property goes to languish.

I now own a second iPod! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, but for now, I've cleaned it up and I'm using it. It's in mint condition - very few scratches because there was a sticky vinyl cover on it. All of my music doesn't fit on my white iPod, so I loaded the additional music (mostly jazz, classical music, soundtracks and latin stuff) onto the black iPod.

Since I have the space, I also loaded some podcasts. I've been listening to - and enjoying - the Visions of Cody podcasts. If you haven't heard any of these, you should give them a listen. They have some very funny moments. I've been listening to them on my daily walks and I'm sure the other people in the park must think I'm a crazy lady, given the way I've been cackling to myself.

Great practice this morning. I pulled out the Beryl DVD again and practised for an hour and a half. I'm mulling over the idea of practising with the DVD a few times every week, when I'm not pressed for time. Ironically, I seem to focus more deeply on breath when I'm using the DVD (yet, in my teacher's class, I really struggled with focus...). I also tend to rush through the down dogs and some of the standing poses. It's good for me to follow someone else's idea of 'five breaths' for a change.


Cody said...

Thanks Kai! I'm glad that you like the podcasts!

Yogini said...

Dear Kaivalya I have a few questions I hope you would like to/have time to answer. My questions are:
Do you do any restorative yoga (yin yoga) as a compliment to your ashtanga practice?
When you teach do you practice with your students or just talk throuh/show the asans and assist the students?
If you practice with your students how do find the energy to do both your ashtanga practice and your teaching practice?
Thank you for your time!