Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day 228

I had another fantastic practice this morning. Specifically, it was fantastic because it felt good, I didn't dread it, there was no mental drama involved and the time flew by because I was enjoying myself. I prefer this serene feeling of well-being to making spectacular progress in any particular pose. I'll take the bliss over the breakthroughs. I feel like I'm in a general strength-building phase right now. Also, it was a sweaty practice - due to the warmer temperatures, certainly, but I know I've been working harder lately.

Spring has officially sprung here in the Great White North. Most of the snow has melted, though there are still random piles around here and there. In the past week I've spotted the first robin, the very first crocuses, and the inaugural Crazy Guy in Shorts (always remarkable here in Canada because our version of 'warmer weather' usually just means temperatures just above 0). The Tennis Fanatics were out in force at the Big Park as soon as the last bit of snow melted off the court on yesterday. My neighbours are coming out of hibernation.

Today, the high was 16C and I took the dog for a two hour long walk in the Ravine, a fairly new haunt for us - we stumbled across it this past winter. I bought new walking shoes yesterday, so I was trying to balance my desire to wear NEW! SHOES! with not getting them muddy, on the muddy trails. The weather was so beautiful in the evening that I took the dog for another walk. As we approached the stairs on the way to the Big Park, she turned around and gave me this look, like: “You've got to be kidding me - we're doing this AGAIN?”

Yes. Because the cabin fever is killing me.

Final sign of spring: I dug out my fleece vest. Life is good! ;-)


Anonymous said...

16 degrees sounds wonderful! I can't wait- I think we're due to warm up next week here in the west too. Yippee!

Surya said...

I wonder if you can give me a recommendation for my yoga practice?!
I practice HATHA yoga once a week in a class. I also try to practise Ashtanga yoga 6 days a week by my self. The thing is there's no ashtanga class in the small town I'm living in, so it's even practice by my self or not practice at all.
I usually practice with a dvd and tries to correct the positions with the help of a book. I really feel that Ashtanga yoga is for me, but I also feel it's hard to do it right. Since I'm new at this I usually do the surya namaskaras and the 6 first standing positions and some of the finishing positions.
I will move to a bigger city in the autumn where I can practice with a teacher.
Do u think I can carry on practicing by my self for 6 months before I can go to classes, or should I just wait with Ashtanga til then?
Thanx so much

Anonymous said...

keep up the great work