Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 233

Did I mention that I had a date yesterday? Well I did, and it was fun!

I'm always a bit concerned that one of my various 'quirks' will prove a deal-breaker. I'm a bit weird even by the most generous standards. I get up at 5 a.m. to practice yoga six days a week. I meditate daily. I practise CR (something I rarely mention on this blog), so my diet is vegetarian, low-cal, high-nutrition and very whole foods based. It may seem like much, but for some people, the idea that you're not willing to chowdown on cheesecake with your coffee can be a bit of a dealbreaker.

Today's practice was very nice. I'm feeling really good in Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana these days. I find that if I press my toe forward a bit to pull on my arm, it's easier to balance; I feel more solid in the pose. This also brings my leg up higher, making the whole chin-to-the-shin thing a bit more plausible (though I'm not there yet). I've been using this technique in some of my other forward bends with some success - it helps me go deeper into the poses.

Today, the Ashtanga Gods threw me another bone: I fully bound in Baddha Padmasana and folded forward. Whoa.


Surya said...

Hey!!! What a nice date!!! Good luck with the next one!
I have a question for you (as always) No I have TWO questions.
I'm gonna buy a new yogamat, but I have no idea what kind. How thick and what kind of materia. Please help me! I practice Ashtanga yoga.

My next question is about the lifestyle changes that often follows with Ashtanga practice. I've read that u don't eat much sugar and junk and that u rarely drink. I love sugar, wine, white bread and lots of coffee. I also smokes about 1-2 packs a week. At the same time I love fresh healthy food and try to eat in a ayurvedic way. But I fail TO MUCH and wonder if it may be easier to stop eating sugar, wheat, coffee and wine. To my question: I'm scared that my life will be boring and that people around me will think I'm no fun to hang out with cause I wont eat cake or complicate things with the food.. How do u feel about that? I wish I could be one of those who can eat one piece of chocolate and be satisfied.
Please share your experiences with your yoga-lifestyle?!!!
Thanx /Love

yogini said...

Lovely that you had a great date! Enjoy!

rand(om) bites said...

YAY for fun first dates! And I couldn't help laughing at all the things you do that would be a deal breaker. I am similar and constantly have to defend myself with friends. Well, not so much defend but remind friends that I get up at 5am too etc.