Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 239

Another afternoon practice today and a quick one - I whipped through the series in about an hour. Immediately after I rolled up my mat, I stepped into my shoes and grabbed my bike, rode to my afternoon youth yoga class. It was a silly case of procrastination - I didn't need to be so rushed and I could have done it earlier in the day. I just didn't. Also, I felt tired all day.

I haven't been keeping my early schedule lately and I miss those pre-dawn morning practices (though I don't miss actually getting up for them). Practising in the morning is very satisfying because I can bask in that glow all day. Practising in the afternoon always feels stressful to me.

It's been far easier to just sleep in because I've been staying up late recently. There are various reasons for this - being out with friends, a bit of insomnia, walking around in the wonderful weather now that it's light later. Last night, I took the dog to the park with a friend and we were out until almost 9 p.m., then I stayed up late getting some work done.

When my schedule is disrupted like this, it always amazes me that I manage to get my practice in at all, but I always seem to. That's bodes well for the coming months because I suspect that disruptions in routine are going to become a matter of routine.

Things are a-shiftin', people. The ground may even be moving underneath my feet.


surya said...

Have a beautiful day!

Kaivalya said...

Indeed, I did! The weather hot and vibrant like summer. One of the children in my youth class sagely told me that we've 'skipped spring and gone on to summer'. :-)

alfia said...

Hi, Kaivalya:

I really liked your post about nutrition. I recently started using Cron-o-meter, too and I love the program! I tend not to get enough calories as well.

Free standing headstand is something out of SciFi for me for now. Too scared!

Kaivalya said...

Alfia: I used to be terrified of headstand too (and it still freaks me out a bit, to be honest). For me being able to come up in a strong, controlled way was the key to learning to do it freestanding. As long as I 'lift' my legs up, rather than kicking up, I feel stable and centered. A bit like life, actually... ;-)