Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day 175

This is the last time I will practice on a Saturday for awhile. That is, it is until the next time I need to move my regular 'day off ' to another day - or the next time I participate in a yoga marathon like WoYoPracMo (probably not until next year). I'm eagerly looking forward to having my Saturday's off, as well as Moon Days. While I appreciate the many benefits of daily practice, it's not sustainable for me. I'm getting tired.

I woke feeling yucky this morning. I'm worried about this - it's not like me to feel so wrung out. I stayed in bed for an hour then finally got up to practice. I took it easy and had a wonderfully lazy practice. I did do the entire primary series, just not with gusto. In fact, I kind had my own vibe going there for awhile.

After the standing poses, I was feeling woozy, so I stopped to grab a bite to eat (just some trail mix to munch on and some orange juice to boost my energy level). I even made some tea and sipped it for the rest of the practice (Ashtangi Buffet!).

I decided that I was going to focus on stretching and not work very hard. I felt fabulous afterward, much better and glad I had practised.

Musical Sirsasana was Enya's song 'Flora's Secret' (4 minutes). That's the fastest four minutes I've ever experienced and headstand was the best pose of the day!

I taught a class this morning, did my regular Saturday shopping, then took a long nap (two hours) this afternoon. I think I needed the sleep and since I'm going out tonight, it's good that I took the rest while I could.


Michelle said...

Oh your energy level just astounds me. Perhaps because I have iron deficiency anemia or perhaps not. You have amazing energy for a woman your age. I would LOVE to have half that. I am 42 and feel so tired most days. I don't sleep well either so one day in your shoes would probably kill me.

Kaivalya said...

Michelle: I'm certain that my energy levels are high as the result of diet and regular exercise. Simply put, the better I eat, the more I move my body, the more energy I have. I don't eat a large amount of calories but I maximise those I do.

The food I eat is non-processed, free of sucrose/corn syrup and nutrient dense. I'm vegetarian and eat a lot of produce and whole foods. This might not be appealing to everyone, but I know it really makes a difference for me.