Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Day 150

I rang in the New Year with friends and it was loads of fun. Lots of yummy food, great conversation, and really good music. I was pretty good about not going overboard with the sweets - I enjoyed a few of my own Fabulous Butter Cookies and some rice krispie squares, but I left the chocolates and the cake alone. I learned all over again that some people are always happy to knock the people around them who are 'eating healthy' (”Look at all of you, eating vegetables...”). I didn't let that stop me from reaching for another yummy slice of orange pepper.

I also learned something that I'm sure all of you seasoned Ashtangi's probably already know: the best way to describe the kind of yoga we do is just to say “You know, the yoga Madonna does...” This explanation elicited nods all around, whereas 'vinyasa' and even 'power yoga' drew puzzled looks.

I left the party at 3 a.m., certain that I would be able to take the subway home. Alas, the trains had already closed and I was stuck walking, then taking a bus, then walking from there. This is the only reason that I just happened to be walking down my old street, right down the middle of the street actually (because it's the least snowy place to walk when we're having a snow storm and the walks haven't been shovelled yet).

And that's the only reason I traversed the snowbank. As I climbed over the bank to reach the sidewalk, the snow was coming down so heavy I nearly didn't spot it. But there was a glint in the snow, lit by the streetlight. I paused and decided to investigate. The glint was from a nearly new 30gb iPod. It had obviously dropped out of someone's pocket into the snow.

There's somebody out there who is seriously bummed out about their iPod. And it's fortunate that I found it because the plows would have certainly covered it up by morning.

So I'm starting WoYoPracMo with a little bit of Karma Yoga. I checked the settings of the iPod and jotted down the serial (the owner helpfully included his/her name as the name of the device). According to the AppleCare web site, the serial number has an AppleCare plan assigned to it. I will be able to phone AppleCare later in the day and hopefully get in touch with this iPod's owner, in order to return it.

I'll keep you updated on my progress by adding addendums to this post, so stayed tuned! Karma Yoga is so much fun! :-)

By the time I was home and settled, it was already after 4 a.m., so I did what any crazy Ashtangi would do faced with a night of no sleep and too much dancing (but no alcohol - all I drank at this party was green tea and water). I unrolled my mat and did the Primary Series. I was feeling good and very awake so I had a good practice. This is actually the first early morning practice I can ever recall where my back was open enough to feel happy in Urdhva Dhanurasana.

But of course, I haven't slept yet. I'm going to catch up on a few things, then catch a streetcar down to the rink to take Zamboni Guy some coffee and do some skating.

And then, finally, I'm going to come home and get some sleep!

Happy 2008, everyone. It's going to be a fabulous year! :-)


Globie said...

Ipod karma yoga, a good wait to start the year making someone happy hopefully.

I don't drink but chocolate is one thing I love, but always regret eating later.

OK excuse my european ignorance but what's a Zamboni guy?

Kaivalya said...

Globie: A Zamboni is a machine that cuts and floods the ice, to create a smooth surface for skating. I skate at a public outdoor rink in the city . The same guy grooms the ice every morning, and we've become friends. I call him'Zamboni Guy' on my blog to protect his privacy.

Zamboni are neat machines:

rand(om) bites said...

How AWESOME are you! The iPod owner will be gobsmacked. Happy New Year girl and what a great way to start :-)

Globie said...

Ah thanks I get it. Not many ice rinks over here!