Sunday, January 20, 2008

Day 169

I was up at 5 this morning, on the mat by 5:30. My whole body felt stiff and sore and I kind of doodled and dawdled through my practice, not working particularly hard, finding myself quite distracted. I glanced at the calendar this morning and this all makes perfect sense in context to my monthly cycle. Even now, I still feel groggy and out-of-sorts.

I bound to fingers in all the Marichyasana poses because I was wasn't feeling particularly twisty, didn't come as deep into my forward bends as I usually do (my hamstrings were very tight) and I only held headstand for 10 breaths. It was just one of those days.

I did, however, do three backbends without angst or drama and I still have that bind in Supta K, so all is not lost. ;-)

In the midst of my practice today, I asked myself “Is there anyplace else you'd rather be?” I had to think about it for a moment, but finally concluded, “No, not really.” (although going back to bed did cross my mind)

Lots to look forward to today. I'm working a shift at the soup kitchen in the morning, then meeting up with a friend for brunch in the Annex.

And then? Taking a nap.


Michelle said...

Finally the woman rests! ;)

Anonymous said...

Kaivalya, since I came across your blog I have to read it every day. You are an inspiration! I have discovered Ashtanga Yoga 6 months ago, and started doing it learning from Beryl Bender Birch's book, and now I do it with her DVD. Your blog is giving me many tips which help me and it also encourages me not to give up. I wish I had found this Primary Series many years earlier... I would have been so much better off physically and emotionally. But still, I find this practice really hard (you must understand, I am in my mid forties and I was not fit when I started, couldn't even fathom how I will ever do 5 Sun Salutations A in a row, and follow it with 5 Sun Salutations B), but since I do it, my chronic pain is, for the most part, gone. So I must continue... Thank you for helping me with your blog - I am one of your many fans.
(I have never before written a comment in anyones blog... If you want to answer me to my email, the address is Thank you

Kaivalya said...

rga: Thanks for your comment! I've been doing this Internet thing for many years, but it still wows me the way technology has the power to connect people.

When I started this Ashtanga journal, it wasn't even online (that's why some of the earlier entries have a looser, more jotty feel to them). I eventually moved it to blogspot, more for myself, to seek advice and help from the wider Ashtanga commuity as I struggled through the series. I'm deeply moved to know that this blog has been useful and inspiring to other people.

The Primary Series is difficult, but it's also very powerful. I believe that I came to Ashtanga when the time was right for me to tackle it.

Since you started with Beryl's DVD too, we're kind of shala-mates! :-) I still recall the first time I did that DVD: Those DVD-people were smoothly and non-chalantly doing 5 SN A's and 5 B's while I was laying on my belly in a puddle of sweat, panting and thinking I was going to die (and then, the next morning, I *really* thought I was going to die because I was SO sore...)

Now, the 5 A's and 5 B's feel like a gentle warm-up in the morning. It does get easier, so definitely don't give up. You'll amaze yourself, you really will.

Kaivalya said...

Michelle: I never did take that nap. I was in the midst of a really great book and ended up reading all afternoon. Maybe today I'll get around to it ;-)