Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 174

My Friday teaching schedule has changed again with the addition of a new class, so no more sleeping in and lazing around until the afternoon. I was up at 5 and on the mat at 5:30. To be honest, I've really developed a deep appreciation for these early morning practices and look forward to them. This is one thing WoYoPracMo has given me - it's helped re-establish a habit of early morning yoga practice. I really look forward to these serene mornings on my mat.

Big excitement in the neighbourhood! The natural ice rink in the park was flooded for the first time last night! It wasn't cold enough earlier in the month, but it certainly is now. The city brought in some big chunks of snow last week and used a plow to form the perimeter of the rink. The rink is maintained by community volunteers, including myself. My neighbour, Ice Guy, floods the ice (usually in the middle of the night). I shovel the rink when it snows. We'll probably have ice for just a few weeks, but I'm looking forward to it because I will be able to skate with stick and puck and work on my stick handling.

I had an average practice today, nothing special. I've decided to go back to the basics a bit with Setu Bandhasana because I've been having trouble deepening that pose. Today, I did variation D in David Swenson's book, bringing my arms into something approximating bridge pose so I was up on my shoulders. I'm working on the foundation of the pose - the legs - so when I try to come up on my head, I'll have that support.

Today's Musical Sirsasana was 'I feel it all' by Feist (3 minutes, 29 seconds). I felt it all. ;-)


rand(om) bites said...

I had to learned to have an early morning practice due to work commitments and really enjoy it too now. It's such a great way to start the day and then you really do have a whole day ahead of you.

Love the sound of that snow and ice. I never get to see it in Sydney, Australia. Loved seeing all your photos too. Beautiful :-)

Kaivalya said...

rand(om) bites: I feel the same way about my early morning practice - so much so that I get up early on Sundays now too. It's just easier to do my practice in the morning.

It feels so good to go on with my day knowing I've done yoga!