Monday, June 25, 2007

Day 9

Hot practice today - I was sweating a lot. Half-way through the practice, I broke out in a weird rash (little red spots all over my arms and legs). It's gone now. I'm wondering if that was a heat rash?!

Ardha Baddha Padma Padottanasana was much easier today! I was able to bind easily on the left side and was able to stand up straighter as I was doing it. I got my hand to the floor. I was able to put my block down to a lower level on the right side. Marichyasana D was not happening for me at all (I think my binding that one day was a fluke). I didn't bind on either side, but Marichyasana A and B felt particularly good. I'm really digging Marichyasana B!

Handstand: for the first time in a long time, I choked in handstand and actually hit the back of my head on the wall in the process of falling out. Finally got up on a second try and was very well-balanced then, but it was getting up there that took some work. This is very strange, and left me unsettled.

Backbends: The first one was all “Uh oh!” and I almost gave up, but instead I tried again. Backbend #2 was all “Hey, not bad!” and #3 was “Open for business”. Try, try, try again.

I used the Swenson book as reference for a few poses. For Kurmasana, I used a strap to help me experience 'binding'.

I did a modification that wasn't in the book, but it sure helped (and the book inspired it): I brought my shins against the wall and held my knees in Urdhva Padmasana - first time I've been able to do this (I always feel like I'm going to collapse).

I also did some pretty good jumpthroughs using blocks. I’m getting the hang of it, but take the blocks away and I'm back to square one. Also, I got tired halfway in and sort of gave up on it. Baby steps...

Meditation: I spend ten minutes in meditation today. The first five were really hard - I was very distracted, then distracted some more. With 2.5 minutes left, I was ready to give up, but decided to try again for those last few minutes. As I moved passed my resistance, I thought suddenly of a difficult time I was going through a few years ago. I had fleeting thought of anger about someone, then remembered a kind gesture she made in the midst of a lot of ugliness. I could feel all these emotions bubbling up and I burst into tears. I cried for awhile and then meditation was over.

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