Sunday, June 24, 2007

Day 8

I practiced in the afternoon today because I slept in a bit before going to volunteer at the soup kitchen. I was good and warm by the time I got around to it and my back felt a thousand times better (even though it was cramping up as I was pouring milk for cereal this morning).

I did everything in first series except Janu Sirsasana C (replaced it with Sphinx). I even a modified version of Kurmasana.

In Marichyasana D, I was able to bind on the left side! This is very big for me. It's something that felt impossible to me last week. The right side will be more difficult, but it no longer seems impossible. I dare say I may bind in Supta Kurmasana sooner rather than later!

I felt great after practice today - very strong and calm. I meditated for 10 minutes.

Bought two yoga books today - one by Judith Lasater, “Living Your Yoga” and David Swenson's “Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice Manual”. I used to borrow a copy of the latter from a studio where I taught, but I don't teach there anymore (and the public library doesn't carry it). It's a tremendous resource and now that I'm doing the primary series every day, I think I will really benefit from it. I also put 'Yoga Mala' by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois on my library hold list. I had a look at this one while at the bookstore. It's not nearly as clear and well organised as Swenson's book, but it will give me some insight into the man who developed the practice.

Just an aside: while at the bookstore, I glanced at Bikram Chodhury's new book. It just about turned my stomach. He's such a massive egotist. This is a cautionary tale of yoga gone wrong. Very disturbing.

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