Friday, June 29, 2007

Day 13

Evening practice tonight, because I kept putting it off and doing (necessary) work on my computer. I actually wore my yoga clothes all day in anticipation!

By the time I was ready to practice, my computer was running a backup, so I couldn't use the DVD. For the first time since I started my primary series practice, I was 'on my own'. I was afraid that I would be sluggish and wouldn't build up tapas without the motivation of the DVD. I was surprised to find that I kept up a pretty good pace and sweated throughout the practice. I found that I focused on breath a LOT more on my own.

I didn't manage to get through the closing series in the hour-and-a-half I had allotted, but I did do some backbends (my back was VERY open), handstands and headstand.

I had a 'moment' in headstand. For a few minutes, I felt so stable and secure in the pose that it was literally as comfortable as standing in the middle of the room. I hit a real 'sweet spot' in the pose. I've been playing with coming up with straight legs - this puts a lot of tension on my neck and shoulders. I suspect I'm not yet strong enough in my core to handle this. Baby steps!

Savasana was, surprisingly, the hardest part - by this time my computer was finished, so I put BBB in the DVD player and let her walk me through Savasana.

Today is the day I would usually go to M's advanced Anusara class. Obviously, I didn't go. I may go next week - I'll think about it. For now, I feel really happy doing my primary series Sadhana. I think I will return to class this summer, but perhaps not right away.

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