Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yin Yoga

Last night, I was trying to justify an Epsom salt bath even though it was 9 o’clock at night and I had done my practice hours before. Besides, I wasn’t really *sore*.

Or was I?

I experimentally starting moving my arms around. Actually, my triceps were sore and I had a bit of soreness in my abs. Then I moved my legs one at a time and discovered that my hamstrings were a bit tender and my quads definitely sore. And OwMyHipFlexors. And so on... I was sore almost everywhere.

Apparently, my entire body is in such a state of constant ache from my practice that I don’t even notice it anymore unless it’s particularly dire. I think this is absolutely hilarious! So much for developing mindfulness!

(And, yes, I got my salt bath)

My hip flexors have definitely been an issue this week. Actually, they’ve been achy since I started Intermediate. My body-gremlin, Nitara, is happily settled into my left psoas too. I’ve taken to doing some Yin Yoga in the evening - hip openers specifically - to keep my hips from cramping up. It’s been really helpful. I’m starting to warm up to the Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga was my practice this afternoon, for the Moon Day. Just a half-hour of hip openers on the floor to keep the Prana moving. A little bit of gentle backbending too...that’s all. No, really!

Okay, okay, I ‘fess up! I did Laghu Vajrasana a few times. It’s amazing how much easier Laghu is (and how much stronger I am) when I haven’t done an *entire* practice prior to working on it. I think I’m very close to the full pose (with a hold!) now and I just need to push myself a little bit harder in the context of my regular practice. That was a good discovery!

I did miss doing my practice this morning, but I have to admit, it was great sleeping in and lazing around too. Moon Days are such a treat!

I’m looking forward to Primary tomorrow.


babs said...

I am new to Yin yoga, but I love incorporating a few poses into my flow classes. It seems so decadent and yummy and all of that hard work!

alice's adventures said...

Ha! I love practicing a particularly challenging pose "cold" and finding how much strength I have to put into it! When its taught in a class, or end of a long sweaty sequence, there isn't quite as much to give to it.

Question: I am new to the Epsom baths, how long of a soak is best? and do you fully submerge with the focus of soaking the knees, spine, all the joints? I have a huge tub and its hard to get the water deep enough without feeling like a total waste of energy!

Kaivalya said...

I find Yin Yoga harder than Astanga at times. The long holds drive me absolutely batty!

2 cups of Epsom salts in water as hot as you can bear, 20 minutes. I set a timer. I have a small tub so I shift between submerging my legs, then submerging the rest of my body. If you want to save energy, just fill the tub partway.