Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Today was better!

I was still incredibly tired after my practice, but I managed to find a ‘second wind’ and I buzzed around the city on my bicycle all morning, running errands before and after my classes. The practice itself felt less intimidating. Yes, it’s long but there was more of a feeling of ‘just doing it’ and not worrying so much about what was coming at the end.

The biggest issue of the day was sweat.

Today was even hotter than yesterday. Please don’t read this as a complaint! I love the heat, but it made a few things more difficult.

I had to lay my rug down after the Prasaritas to soak up the puddles! I could bind to wrist in all the Marichyasanas, but my hands were slipping! My legs kept sliding down my arms in Bhujapidasana (I finally put on capris over my yoga shorts for that pose) and my Bakasana exits were...funny. :-D

I’m starting to wonder if I should buy a couple pairs of capris at Lu specifically for my practice. The slippery leg thing is annoying!!

I tried Kino’s preparation work before Bhekasana. It was very helpful! I also read up on Parsva Dhanurasana in the Maehle book.

Sheesh! I have to hold that pose for five MORE breaths after I’ve rolled to each side for five. That’s a LOT of Dhanurasana! My knees were feeling cranky afterward and I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong in my alignment.

I’m still plugging away at Laghu. It’s hard.

Dropbacks were more fun when I didn’t feel like I’d been run over by a truck by the time I got to them.

I thought Intermediate Series would bring on the Crazypants, but so far, all I want to do is take naps, drink tonnes of water and eat carob-covered raisins all day.

I have the Lazy!

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Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't think you've ever met the lazy. :)