Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Return of the Orb

As I was coming into the second side of Uttita Trikonasana this morning, my eyes were suddenly filled with a bright, intense light. A flash of heat hit my face and I squinted in the sudden glare.

Hail! What is this bright orb in the sky, sending beams through my window?

It is the SUN! I feel like I haven't seen the sun in weeks. In fact, since the "snowstorm" last week, it's been snowing almost continually and the skies have been dark.

There are things I absolutely love about these chilly winter days: curling up with a good book, knitting, drinking hot hot tea, walking around my neighbourhood as snowflakes lightly drift around me.

But the gray? I can do without that. So I'm happy to see the return of the orb. I'm not sure, but I think its absence could explain the tiny bit of a funk I've been fighting over the past couple of weeks. I take my Vitamin D regularly, I use the LightBook daily, but there's no substitute for the orb! :-D

I did my full Astanga practice both yesterday and today. I think this is the first time since December that I've practised Astanga on two consecutive days.

It was fine, though I was just a *bit* futzy today. God help me if I stop at any point in my practice. It's like stepping off a train. It moves on without me and then I have to run like crazy to catch it!

Taking the day off on Sunday was eye-opening, especially the 'after effects'. I did do some restorative/hatha yoga on that day, but only for about a half-hour. I didn't teach. And when I stepped on the mat on Monday, my gimpy hamstring was SCREAMING at me.

Though I don't demo a lot in my classes, I almost always do the first few steps of the sun salutations with my students, which includes those forward bends. I believe that's what was missing and I *really* felt it.

I felt better today - everything, including my left hamstring, was more open. Best of all, my shoulder is feeling better every day! Whatever I'm doing (or not doing) is working for me so I'm going to continuing doing (or not doing) it.

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Boodiba said...

Here comes the sun, do-do-do-do, here comes the sun & I say, it's all right.

Anonymous said...

Another sun lover here! It really gives me the energy to enjoy my days :)

D said...

Hurray for the sun! I used to play with those felt shapes as a kid - thanks for bringing back the memories :)