Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This post is not about Tiny Yoga Shorts

Occam's Razor: One should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything

Translation: The simple explanation is often correct.

Allow me to set the scene:
It's mid-March in Canada. The weather is pure misery with no sign of spring on the horizon. A series of difficult and unfortunate events have transpired, leaving the Reluctant Ashtangi feeling glum and defeated. So she makes it all better by eating an ENTIRE 1kg Cadbury chocolate bar all by herself (in under three weeks!), thereby gaining 10 pounds and saying buh-bye to her bind in Supta Kurmasana. Now, she sits by the window, watching a series of endless, despair-inducing snow storms rage through the city. She weeps.

Translation: Sometimes, life sucks.

There are several different explanations for her odd behaviour. Let's review them:

Option #1: Late winter depression and cabin fever has finally set in.
Option #2: The public perception of Astanga is at risk of being sullied by Bad Reality Television.
Option #3: Tiny Yoga Shorts.

Applying Occam's Razor, please choose the appropriate explanation and provide a concise analysis. Bonus points for creative mentions of human genitalia and the proper Driste. Automatic 'A' if you know how to wrap a dhoti.

Extra credit question: Does the internet have a sense of humour? Are you sure? VERY sure?

Answers will be graded on clarity and originality.

By a pug.

P.S. I practised today! :-)

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Grimmly said...

Love the picture. My Chinchilla is sitting on my lap as I write this, oblivious to what's in store for him.

Kaivalya said...

Well, if you know how to wrap a dhoti, I agree: the chinchilla is in BIG trouble! ;-)

Arturo said...

haha. start using COM to track what you're eating and you'll get back on track regarding weight. i have to do that myself to stay on track

Yyogini said...

Well it can't be the tiny shorts because they've certainly cheered me up.. I couldn't stop laughing at all the posts!!

Haley-O (Cheaty) said...

Love this: "gaining 10 pounds and saying buh-bye to her bind in Supta Kurmasana" - if I could lose 10 pounds, I could bind in Marichyasana C! Yes, still working on that! (WHAT's the controversy! I'm so out of the loop and so curious! Will have to Google.)

Anonymous said...

I know how to tie a dhoti! It's very easy - twist the ends twice in front, then tuck those ends under the fold of the dhoti behind your back ;) A very comfortable thing to wear. But I can also warmly recommend shalwar - those baggy pants we wear here in Pakistan. Personally, I'm sticking to shalwar until I've lost the excess, I refuse to get depressed by my jeans ;)