Wednesday, June 30, 2010


When I arrived at the Shala today, M was there! He lives in another city and periodically covers for R & P when they’re away. He was around during my first week at the Shala, while they were on holiday.

I was so delighted to see him! My whole face lit up and I gave him a big hug. And the poor guy looked so confused! For a few moments, I don’t think he had the faintest clue who I was. :-D Then he figured it out and thanked me for the warm welcome.

He gave me a really effective adjustment in Urdhva Dhanurasana that I really liked (I think Floss mentioned this one in the comments last month). He pressed his palms against my pelvic heads and encouraged me to push forward into them. I could really feel it in my legs!

I’m still not getting enough weight into my heels in Urdhva Dhanurasana - he noticed that.


It’s been one week since the hamstring pull. I’ve upgraded its status to: ‘injury.’

It’s not just the gremlin - I know because Nitara has since moved on to other areas. She returned to my left psoas very briefly, then wandered over to the right for awhile. This was worrisome because I have my window seat all set up to allow my left leg to dangle off the side (to keep the psoas from cramping up). A right-psoas-gremlin would involve rearranging furniture.

But last night, she was once again on the prowl. She mysteriously moved into my right forearm. I was all worried about my vinyasas and Chaturanga today, but everything was fine. I’m sure she’ll figure out other ways to plague me soon enough.

Yesterday, R spoke with me at length about my hamstring injury and how I’m working through it in my practice. I’ve been moving right up to the edge of ‘sensation’ in my forward bends. R wants me to back off and avoid sensation entirely in order to allow the area to heal. This means lots of bent knees and some very heavily modified poses, especially the forward bends.

That sums up today’s practice: modify, modify, modify. I’m familiar with the ‘sensation’ of the left hamstring by now, so whenever I found it, I backed away. It made for a very interesting practice. Some of the poses were practically unrecognizable! It’s a good lesson in letting go of any expectation and quieting the voice of ‘ego’ in my practice.

Ice, arnica, patience!

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sarah said...

"injury" is such a powerful impetus to shift focus from what we "think" is "progress" and let go of the attachment to goals and expectations, and judgments. often this attachment is hidden. this is something i deal with a lot in my students too. it is heartening to me that your teachers are so attentive to your details. awe inspiring to me, as a teacher.