Sunday, June 20, 2010


I was exhausted last night. For once, my brain was perfectly content to let go of Important! Thoughts! and just let me sleep right through the night. And that’s exactly what it was doing when I was awoken by an explosion, followed by sirens at 3:00 a.m. sharp. But I drifted back to sleep, only to be woken AGAIN by the sound of firecrackers (this sent poor Princess Fur into an tizzy - she retreated to the closet). But I rolled over and went back to sleep! And *that’s* when the car alarm sounded...and didn’t stop. For a solid half-hour.

I gave up. I poured myself a glass of coconut water opened a book. Eventually, the universe quieted and I could go back to sleep. But seriously, what are the odds?! I seem to be predestined to be awake every night at 3 a.m.!

At least I got eight full hours of sleep. That’s a first for the week! I’ve been averaging 5 hours per night, but not really feeling unusually tired. I’m usually fine during the morning and evening hours, but I hit some kind of wall in the afternoon when I feel exhausted. If I’m lucky, I can take an hour to nap. This is getting easier as my schedule eases off. Next week is my last really busy one for awhile. I’m looking forward to ‘summer hours’. Lots of me-time, yoga, books, and fun times with friends.


The yoga week has started! This will be a six-day week for me, despite my home shala’s Moon Day on Friday. I’m taking my practice up to Shala North that day and bringing my shala-buddy with me. I’m looking forward to the change of scenery and the novelty of suffering through my backbends in a room full of completely different people.

Practice starts a bit later on Sundays. Today, it was much warmer than I’ve become accustomed to and the room was busier. Half-way through the standing poses, I was already dripping! I finally took off my tank top and tossed it aside. Modesty be damned! It was HOT in there!!!

My Primary Series is feeling really good these days and I find that it’s becoming very consistent from day to day. There haven’t been any big changes, but I’ve had a few small shifts.

Bhujapidasana keeps getting easier The exit isn’t always smooth, but coming into the pose with my chin on the floor feels natural and controlled now My feet are lifted (today, they were *really* lifted) and I feel almost comfortable for the five breath hold.

I still can’t believe my heels are lifted in Kurmasana. Every time I do it, I’m all “Wow, HOW am I doing this? This is AWESOME!” It was such a struggle for so long that I feel like throwing a little party every time it happens (Cake! Balloons!). I’m sure I’ll get over it eventually! :-D

I’m becoming hyper-aware of my Bandhas lately, everywhere in my practice. I finally figured out why I was finding Marichyasana A so bizarrely difficult. I wasn’t using enough Udiyana Bandha or abdominal strength to come forward! I was just sitting there, assuming that my bendy-bendy hamstrings would let me melt into that pose like butter. Nope! I simply had to work a bit harder.

And there’s something shifting in my jumpbacks. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but sometimes it feels like I’m being grabbed by the seat of my pants and lifted up just as I’m jumping back. Of course, it’s bandhas, bandhas, bandhas! It has to be! But I wish I could isolate exactly what I’m doing and how I’m doing it. Have you ever forgotten a name and had it on the very edge of your brain, but couldn’t conjure it up? That’s EXACTLY what this feels like. Every single jumpback, I’m trying to find ‘it’.

Backbends: I only did six (two sets of three), but I think I might have actually ‘suffered enough’ today. ;-)


This afternoon, I decided I needed a break. I rode my little bicycle all the way out to Little India for some shopping and food fun.

I found a few really FUN books, stocked up on incense, and browsed around for about an hour. I was looking for a small, brass Durga to add to my spiritual posse. “One who can redeem in situations of utmost distress.” I actually saw an nice Durga a few weeks ago at the India shop in my neighbourhood, but didn’t buy it. Now I’m kicking myself!

So I’m putting it out there: Universe! Send me a Durga! I’m in distress! Especially in backbends!

I capped off the afternoon with a HUGE South Indian Thali at my favourite Little India restaurant. I ate it ALL by myself and now, I have a Buddha Belly. I hope I can still bind Mari D tomorrow!

Trust in Allah, but lock your bicycle!


Arturo said...

dear Kai
is that your bike? i think you told me you had one. i have a similar one but i don't trust it to leave it outside, so i ride around in the cheapest Giant bike.


Boodiba said...

"the novelty of suffering through my backbends in a room full of completely different people" - Ha!

Seemed like you took last night's noise torture quite well. Oi.

Kaivalya said...

Yup! That's my bike. It’s not more expensive than a typical bike, but I do bring it inside at night. During the day, it's safe to lock it up outside.

Well, since I've been suffering through insomnia anyway, I have a routine for those middle-of-the-night wakeups. I probably would have been more upset if I was used to sleeping through the night.

Arturo said...

Dear Kai

ahh. i'm afraid that over here they'll cut a chain to get to the bike because these bikes cost about 12 times as much as a cheap one - and stealers know that.

...the saying reminds me of a sign in my childhood barber - "in God we trust; all others pay cash."
that was before debit cards.