Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 348

I'm back. The reason I haven't been updating this blog is simple: I haven't been doing yoga at all.

During the first week of December, I was still recovering from bronchitis and I was going crazy with preparations for the trip. I brought a yoga mat with me to Belize and it sat sadly in the corner of our hotel room, covered with sand because I was too busy snorkelling and climbing Mayan ruins to do anything with it.

And when I got home? I was simply out of the habit. Then the holidays hit.

I don't really miss yoga per se, but I do miss feeling like I fully inhabit my body. I miss the physical ease I experience in my day-to-day life that comes from my daily yoga practice. And when I'm actually on the mat, I do miss it.

I really was determined that this was the day to crawl back up onto the yoga wagon. I unrolled my mat this morning and did a sweaty, slightly-more-than-an-hour modified Primary Series. I was surprised by how well I did. I expected to be really limited in strength and flexibility, but it wasn't bad at all (or maybe it's just the power of low expectations).

Anwyays, I'm back.

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Janaki said...

Om Dear Yogini! We are always in a state of yoga even if we are not in a pose. We are yoga manifest.
Peace and Love to you in the New Year;-)