Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 332

I'm so exhausted today. I ended up napping away the morning (after spending the early morning volunteering at the soup kitchen), so I did a short practice in the afternoon. This head cold is really taking a lot out of me and, even more troubling, it's moving to my lungs and my throat. My voice has been very scratchy today and the *last* thing I need right now is laryngitis (it's kind of hard to teach if you can't talk!)

This same cold (along with the threat of losing my voice) seems to hit me every year around this time and I would love to find a way to dodge it. And no, practising CR doesn't make me immune to all illnesses, though I tend to be healthier than average and fight bugs more efficiently.

Today was a big Sirsasana day for me. I haven't been doing the pose lately, because of the head cold and because I haven't felt strong enough. But we had a wall to work against in my noon class, so I decided to teach it. And, in teaching it, I did the pose several times to demonstrate. And it totally ROCKED! I've really missed standing on my head! I practised it again in my own practice and enjoyed it.

It's really gratifying to see parts of my practice coming back to me.

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