Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 326

Busy, busy in the midst of teaching classes this week. I wasn't sure I would make it to the mat today because I was so exhausted from teaching last night, but I managed to coax myself. My back is a bit sore this morning, but I'm feeling so much stronger in other parts of the practice that it's really like night and day. My hamstrings are gradually opening up again - and my hips. My shoulders and arms are stronger and I've even felt some significant opening in my shoulders.

Ironically, I've been struggling with the Marichyasana poses. They used to be my favourite, but now I find that these poses put a real strain on my low back and I just dread them. Even Marichyasana A is difficult for me. I can't bring my forehead to the floor in B and I haven't been binding in C. I skip D altogether.

For Janu Sirsasana, I've continued to lay on my back and use a yoga strap to stretch my hamstrings. This modification is my favourite part of the practice. I think there's some angst in them there hamstrings!

Shoulderstand is difficult theses days, not because of shoulder pain (that's gone) but because of the lower back pain.

And I'm still doing a partial practice - never more than Navasana. I simply can't imagine doing Kurmasana right now. Torture!

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