Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 310

I felt overstuffed and very round today in my practice. It didn't feel very good, but at least I practised.

Last night, we capped off our weekend of decadence with a trip to my favourite low-brow Mexican restaurant, Sneaky Dee's. There was guacomole, chips and a humungous veggie burrito to plow through. This is one of my favourite things to eat in the city (their veggie fajitas are also good). Afterward, we shared a strawberry-and-vanilla-ice-cream crepe at the Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe in Little Italy.

Then I rolled home in the wee hours.

I really, really need to get back to CR and my healthy eating habits this coming week. Although I greatly enjoyed my weekend of excessive dining and sloth, I'm not feeling very good today.

I don't think this Buddha Belly is going to make me any more Buddha-like in my outlook ;-)

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