Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day 308

This morning, I did the Primary Series up to Navasana without skipping any poses. I think I'll be stopping at this point for a few days, as my body adjusts to a more intense practice. It felt good. I can't bind to wrist in Mari D anymore, but everything else was the same. Halasana and shoulderstand were dodgy. The muscles in my back feel very short these days. I hope I'm able to get this part of my practice back - it's frustrating!

My girlfriend listened patiently while I yammered on about my yoga practice last night - afterward, I realised that most of it probably went over her head. But she's very supportive of my practice.

All of the quirks that I thought might difficult in the context of a relationship have turned out to be non-issues. She's not bothered by my yoga or my practice of CRON. She appreciates that I can be flexible with both. So far, I've managed to maintain CR, even with our frequent meals out at restaurants. Earlier in the week, she came over for supper and I served a vegetarian, CR friendly meal. (she's astounded by the amount of food that I consume; I wasn't aware my salads are so huge!). I guess I'm not so weird after all!


alfia said...

My neighbor commented once that for a lady on a diet I eat surprisingly a lot (he was helping me with groceries). I did not notice before that that volumewise I do eat like a cow!
I am glad your girlfriend is supportive. With ashtanga lifestyle it is very important to have this support.

Avril said...

Hi! I've been into Ashtanga since June of this year and blog over at I'm fascinated by the premise of your blog. Do you mind if I link to you?