Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 319

Today was a bit better, but boy, am I ever sore! Also, yesterday afternoon I fell into bed and slept for two hours after my practice, clearly exhausted by the effort.

My arms are shoulders are aching. My low back felt fine (until I started to do my practice, then...ug). My legs are sore - this is unrelated to yoga though. On Sunday, I was impatient while waiting for elevator so I took the stairs - all 15 flights - down. I was fine yesterday, but this morning I woke up to painful calves. My hamstrings hurt. My neck is a bit stiff.

However, that shoulder pain that was bothering me earlier in the summer is nowhere to be found. If it wasn't for my tight hammies, I would totally be able to do Halasana!

I'm doing vinyasa between postures, but not between sides. By the end of my practice (Navasana, then closing), I'm shaking with exhaustion. This feels far more difficult than when I first started Ashtanga. I hope it gets better!

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